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AIR-Curbside Management Program (RFP)

6 Jan 2021 10:11 AM | Comm. Admin (Administrator)

The San Francisco International Airport (the “Airport” or “SFO”) is seeking proposals from qualified and experienced firms to manage and staff the Airport’s Curbside Management Program (“CMP”). SFO launched the CMP in 1999 to improve the customer experience at our busy terminal curbs by monitoring the services provided by permitted Ground Transportation Operators to ensure the services are efficient and professional.

Category of Contract:  Consultants or Professional Services (96258)
Contract No.: RFP 50276
Title: AIR-Curbside Management Program

Submittal Due: 2/3/21
Time Due: 3:00 pm
Duration: Maximum of 5 years (3 years with an option to extend for 2) Estimated Cost: $29.5 Million

Trained curb coordinators in the CMP manage curb space and staging lots used by taxis, limousines and Transportation Network Companies ("TNCs"), and facilitate transportation services for customers with special transportation needs (e.g., physically disabled, visually impaired and the elderly).

The successful Proposer will manage and/or monitor the ground transportation operations of limousine operators, San Francisco taxicabs, pick-up activities of non-San Francisco taxicabs and monitor TNC vehicles.

Pre-Submittal Conference:
Date:  1/11/21
Time:  10:00 am
Pre-Submittal conference will be held online via MS Teams meeting.  Please email Daniel Wu for more information. 

Attendance is optional but recommended. For additional information: Contact:  Daniel Wu
Phone:    (650) 821-6517
Email:     daniel.wu@flysfo.com

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