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Airport Ground Transportation Association

Business Promotional Opportunities with the AGTA

The AGTA invites companies to advertise on our website or to help sponsor an upcoming AGTA Membership meeting. Advertising and sponsorship helps your company get exposure to an extremely large and diverse cross section of the Ground Transportation Industry in a single location! Members check the website often for information regarding upcoming meetings, including lodging and and transportation details, planned agenda items and more. Members come back to the website after meetings to download meeting presentations and handouts along with the very popular AGTA Newsletter. There are prominent positions available that will display on nearly every page of the AGTA website ensuring that your company image and link are seen by everybody who visits the AGTA website and not just those that happen do land on one page you may be mentioned on.


Sponsor the AGTA's next event: Fall 2014 in Phoenix, AZ

For the ultimate and personal type of exposure, please consider sponsoring one of our meetings. You have the opportunity to speak directly to a general assembly of the membership and introduce your company / service to all attendees. You also have dedicated space, and time, to showcase your product, company or service and actually meet individual members who have a need or interest in your offerings. Often, coffee breaks and intermissions are held in a separate room, adjacent to general meeting areas, where sponsors are provided with a table and the ability to put out marketing materials and samples of their products / merchandise.

Sponsorships may be for single events where your company is listed solely, such as a breakfast, cocktail hour, dinner, or social event. The AGTA also welcomes general meeting sponsors, of which there can be several. In both cases, your company name and logo are listed on meeting materials and handouts and you are identified daily during the conference.

Get your business in front of shuttle, limousine and taxi operators, airport managers, and industry related vendor services. Click here to contact our executive staff and learn more about the possibilities associated with advertising and sponsorship with the AGTA.


The AGTA provides attractive options for advertisers as well. You can get your company name and logo to appear in the "Featured Businesses" area of the AGTA Website where members and the general public are exposed to your company name on nearly every page they visit. These graphics included embedded links to your company marketing website, making it easy for prospects to locate more information on your business. Your company message can also appear in the scrolling marquee of photographs on the home page, bringing further attention to your company as soon as a visitor arrives at the AGTA website.

The AGTA prints a very detailed association newsletter periodically during the year and your ad can be seen by members, non-members and other industry professionals. Newsletters are often shared and are also available for download from the Association website for several years, meaning that your one time advertising contribution can be very long lived!


Hopefully we have piqued your curiosity just a little. If you would like to learn more about advertising and sponsorship opportunities with the AGTA please click here to contact our executive staff and learn more about the possibilities available to you.