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Airport Ground Transportation Association

Airport OK'd to buy parking system
- Feb. 15, 2018

The Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport board met Wednesday and approved buying a high-tech guidance system for its new parking deck and paving more of the economy lot.

The four-level deck at Northwest Arkansas Regional will add 1,400 spaces and is expected to open later this year. The cost is estimated at $30 million.The bottom floor of the deck will initially house rental-car operations. Another parking garage is expected to be built in the next few years to provide rental companies a permanent home. The guidance system can then be added to the first floor.

DIA does not track Uber and Lyft rides, opening risk of losing revenue, Denver auditor warns
The Denver Post
- Feb.15, 2018

Denver International Airport needs to start tracking Uber and Lyft rather than relying on the two companies to report how much business they are doing at the airport, Denver auditor Tim O’Brien warned.

“Parking is a huge source of revenue for the airport, and it’s important to manage such a significant revenue stream with strong controls and diligent contract oversight,” O’Brien said in an audit issued Thursday.

Revenue agreements with Uber and Lyft rely on the two companies to self-report their activity at the airport. But other airports that started tracking ridesharing providers have found a pattern of underreporting.

Travelers are rethinking rental cars. Here’s why.
Seattle Times
- Feb. 15, 2018

If you are planning a vacation, then renting a car may be as automatic as making hotel or restaurant reservations. Or not. New ground-transportation options are blossoming in the sharing and hailing economies. A recent Bank of America review of its card users found that people are thinking differently about how they get around.

It is part of a slow-moving industry trend away from relying on a single mode of transportation, experts say. Ralph Buehler, an associate professor in the urban affairs and planning program at Virginia Tech’s Alexandria Center, studies the rise of multimodality transportation options at home. “It makes sense that people also use multiple modes and non-car modes on vacation,” he says.

With the SkyConnect train (and more), Tampa International Airport marks a big new beginning, but also one small ending
Tampa Bay Times
- Feb. 14, 2018

Once the SkyConnect train starts running today, the airport will end shuttle bus service between its main terminal and its economy garages about a mile away.

With the end of the shuttle buses, most of the drivers — who work for an airport contractor, ABM, based in New York City — will move to temporary jobs. The airport has hired a couple as traffic specialists. Others will give directions to passengers at the garages and the airport’s massive new rental car center or help at baggage claim. They’ll work through the transition from old to new and will be temporarily reassigned to the systems maintenance team through spring break.

Houston Airports enhances accessibility for blind and low vision passengers with Aira smart glasses
Future Travel Experience
- Feb. 14, 2018

Houston Airports has partnered with technology company Aira to provide a more accessible passenger experience for blind and low vision travellers. The subscription-based smart glasses will now be available at George Bush Intercontinental Airport and William P. Hobby Airport.

The Aira app and smart glasses connect travellers to specially trained agents at a remote location, who sees a real-time livestream of the user’s surroundings from the camera on the glasses or smartphone.

Smart environments: how airports use tech to welcome special needs passengers
- Feb. 13, 2018

Worldwide, airports are constantly adapting to accommodate passengers with a range of hidden disabilities, often with the help of cutting edge technology. From smart glasses for blind travellers to sensory rooms for passengers with autism, the industry’s resourceful initiatives help make air travel a more manageable experience.

Des Moines airport cracks down on taxi companies
Des Moines Register
- Feb. 13, 2018

The Des Moines International Airport has limited the number of cab operators to one company in an attempt to shore up a growing list of consumer complaints about taxi service at the airport.

Trans Iowa will be the sole provider of taxi service for people flying into Des Moines. Ride-share options like Uber and Lyft, which have separate contracts with the airport, will continue operating as is.

Bill could mean transit expansions across metro Atlanta
- Feb. 13, 2018

State legislation unveiled Tuesday could boost state funding for public transportation by tens of millions of dollars and pave the way for transit expansion across metro Atlanta.

House Bill 930 also would begin to create the sort of regional transit system that lawmakers say is needed to spur economic development and alleviate some of the world’s worst traffic.

Trump administration wants to sell National and Dulles airports, other assets across U.S.
The Washington Post
- Feb. 13, 2018

The Trump administration is pushing federal officials to sell off, privatize or otherwise dispose of a broad array of government assets, from Reagan National Airport and the George Washington Memorial Parkway along the Potomac River to properties held by federal agencies across the country.

The $200 billion infrastructure proposal, crafted over the past year but overshadowed by other priorities such as tax cuts and immigration, is focused on speeding up permitting by reducing environmental regulations. It also is geared toward trying to prompt state and local governments and private industry to spend more on projects without major new federal investments. It would achieve that with a mix of loan and grant programs, including those focused on rural areas and risky but potentially “transformative” projects.

Stats: 66% of Travelers Would Rather Pick Hotel Services
Travel Agent Central
- Feb. 12, 2018

Sixty-six percent of GO Group survey respondents said they would prefer to pick and choose hotel services and pay accordingly rather than have one bundled price with charges for services not used.

"Hotels are getting creative with finding ways to increase profits, for example, adding mandatory resort fees even when traditional ‘resort’ amenities, such as pools, spas and fitness centers don't exist, and offering reduced rates if guests opt out of services such as housekeeping," said John McCarthy, president, GO Group, in a written statement. "Our survey shows that guests are fine with these pricing concepts as long as they are detailed up front instead of at check out."

Uber will require US drivers to take six-hour breaks between long shifts
- Feb. 12, 2018

In an effort to combat drowsy driving, Uber announced today that it would require its most frequent drivers to take six-hour breaks after driving for 12 hours straight. Uber is updating the driver version of the app so that it logs off after counting 12 hours of driving, and drivers will not be able to log on until after the app registers six hours offline.

"We want to keep our riders and drivers safe," said Sachin Kansal, Uber's Director of Product Management, told the Washington Post. Kansal said the app will measure driving time using GPS and telematics to detect whether the vehicle is moving. Short waits, such as those at stoplights, will count against workers' driving time. But longer waits such as those in airport cues, and other idling exceeding five minutes, will not count.

Taxi driver turned entrepreneur launches 'iTunes for transport'
The Age
- Feb. 11, 2018

It's a bit like iTunes. Only instead of choosing a song, professional drivers are selecting a type of vehicle: taxi, ride-share car or limousine.

That’s how taxi-driver-turned-entrepreneur Harry Katsiabanis describes his new company called P2P - one of the nation's biggest commercial vehicle rental businesses, now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

When a driver walks into one of Mr Katsiabanis' eight depots in Victoria, NSW or Queensland to rent a car, they can opt into whichever market they believe will be most profitable that day, week or month.

Flyers can bid goodbye to traffic jams and take heli taxis instead
Bangalore Mirror
- Feb. 9, 2018

In a week’s time, sale of air tickets for a chopper ride between Electronics City and Kempegowda International Airport will go live.

“We have already developed an app for the booking of tickets. The app will be formally released next week for customers to book the tickets,” Group Captain KNG Nair, chairman and managing director of Thumby Aviation told Bangalore Mirror.

A one-way trip from E-City to KIA in a luxury taxi costs around Rs 2,000 and the notorious traffic near Silk Board and on Hosur Road makes it a nearly 2-hour commute. While the heli taxi fares will be similar to those of luxury cabs, the travel time will be cut down to around 15 minutes.