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Airport Ground Transportation Association

AGTA Policy Papers List

The Board of Directors often reviews major news items and topics across the ground transportation industry that have a significant influence or impact on airports, transportation providers and the general traveling public. The Board produces opinion pieces, called AGTA Policy Papers designed to provide Association members with information tools they can use to inform peers, affiliates and regulators in the industry. Follow the links below to download and view the current AGTA Policy Papers that are available. If you have a significant topic of interest; one that you feel warrants a policy paper by the AGTA, please reach out to the Executive Director for assistance.

AGTA Preliminary Recommended Guidelines for Pandemic Operations
PDF File - 67 KB
AGTA White Paper on TNC Insurance at Airports - Approved September 10, 2017
PDF File - 70.4 KB
AGTA Study - 12/2016 - Cost Effectiveness of Substituting Ground Transportation For Subsidized Essential Air Services
PDF File - 825 KB
AGTA Position Paper - 12/2015 - Airports and TNCs – It's DIFFERENT at Airports!
PDF File - 61 KB
AGTA Position Paper - 7/2014 - Alternative Fuels for the Provision of Airport Ground Transportation
PDF File - 56.4 KB
AGTA Position Paper - 7/2014 - Vehicles for Airport Ground Transportation Service
PDF File - 61 KB
2013 AGTA Landside Management Study
PDF File - 3.2 MB
Public Access to Competitive Ground Transportation Modes
PDF File - 9 MB
The Americans with Disabilities Act and Airport Ground Transportation
PDF File - 7 MB
Fair and Equitable Ground Transportation Fees
PDF File - 10 MB
The Use of “Rogue” Apps for Ordering Taxi Services at Airports
PDF File - 5 MB