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AGTA Spring 2017 Conference
Dallas, TX
March 26 -29, 2017
the Joule Hotel

AGTA will offer topics that will keep you informed, prepared and adaptable for the changes already affecting our airports. Meeting discussions include the following topics:

  • Do airports really make money from ride hailing fees or are they losing money when airport parking and car rental users are diverted to TNC car services?
  • What are other airports doing? Learn how to handle the rising number of Uber, Lyft and other ride hailing personal cars that now crowd the curb at many large airports. Where to place ride-hail vehicles, what to charge them for using airport facilities, do they need their own holding lot?
  • Where do high occupancy shuttles, vans, buses now belong on the curb? Should they get special pickup and drop-off access to the curb due to environmental and efficiency in utilizing curb space?
  • Should private vehicles be charged as a mechanism to avoid airport curb congestion?
  • How soon will driverless shuttles be here and how much can airport parking and car rental companies save by using driverless shuttles
  • Is it time to rethink AVI technologies and move on to geo-coding and other wireless digital systems?
  • What electronic customer service features should airports require of their ground transportation operators?

Our finalized agenda can be view below or you may choose to download a printable copy.