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We are a trade association for ground transportation operators, airport authorities, and industry suppliers dedicated to the continuous improvement of airport ground transportation services for the traveling public.

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Developing Your Response to TNCs and Other Emerging Technologies

September 14 - 17, 2014
Phoenix, AZ
Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort

Hotel reservations for the meeting can be made at the Pointe Hilton Squaw Peak Resort at the very favorable rate of $99 s/d, and are applicable three days before and after our meeting dates on a space available basis. Register for the AGTA conference at $495 before August 15 or $595 after August 15. The 2014 fall meeting will be followed by the AAAE/LeighFisher Parking and Landside Management Workshop at the same hotel on September 17 and 18. Delegates for both AGTA and AAAE meetings can save $50 if registered for AGTA before August 15 ($445) or pay $545 after that date.

The following topics are included in the agenda and will be discussed in the general sessions:

  • Responding to TNCs
    In Phoenix, AGTA will update participants about what is happening with TNCs. Do we work with TNCs, continue to fight them, or compete? How do we integrate TNCs at our airports? Covered will be the legal, social, insurance/safety, and economic aspects of working with TNCs. Experts in each of these areas will form several panels to inform and advise airports and operators on how to form their response to the challenges presented by these new carriers.
  • Digital & Social Media 102 Applied to Airports and Ground Transportation Operators
    Digital and social media has been a driving force for many changes in airport ground transportation – especially TNCs. Learning how this happened, how to track, and develop your own response to social and digital media for both airports and ground transportation operators will also be a central focus for the Fall Meeting. Noted media expert Perry Drake of UMSL’s Marketing Department will be presenting during the general session and continuing discussions on this topic in workshop/breakout sessions.
  • Technology Advances in Equipment
    Equipment providers will be demonstrating their equipment during the Fall AGTA Meeting and will overview what is available in the market and how the market is changing.
  • The Emerging Challenging Technologies and Business Models for Airport Parking and Car Rentals
    New business models and technologies for off-airport parking and “car-sharing” arrangements present revenue and operational challenges to airports and traditional airport parking and car rental companies. A panel of experts will examine these new challenges and offer suggestions as to how they should be handled and what we may expect in the future.
  • Innovative GT Services at Airports -- Can New Technologies and Business Models Increase Ridership?
    Can we turn kiss and fly travelers into GT passengers? What does it take? How airports and operators can cast a wider net to attract more passengers while maintaining profitability and not adversely impacting the current ground transportation operations? How do we improve short trip service? A panel of airport and ground transportation operators will present their suggestions and recommendations for improving existing ground transportation operations.
  • AGTA Now and To Come...
    David Bird, AGTA President will be discussing the current AGTA landscape and where the association is headed in the future.
Please select the registration link above for online meeting registration or download our PDF registration form and scan it to admin@agtaweb.org or mail to AGTA, 1538 West Powell Rd., Powell OH 43065. For further information on the 2014 fall meeting and to view the preliminary program in its entirety, please select meeting information here or click on the Meeting and Events tab above.